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Get Your Home Ready to Sell!

I will assist you in staging your house so it looks its best to buyers. First impressions are key!

Clean. Everything from floors to windows should be spotless.  Remember to clean the oven and other major appliances. Skylights should be crystal-clear, too. Don't forget to make bathrooms shine!

Kill the offensive odors. They're the first thing buyers notice, and are often a permanent turnoff.

Eliminate Clutter and Box it Up. If there's not a reason to leave something sitting around - remove it! Put away small kitchen appliances and other items that are sitting on countertops and tables. Most people pack up after they sell the house but why wait? Start packing as early as possible - ideally, before you put the house on the market.

Remove personal items. You want to get rid of anything that is personal in the house because you want the buyer to walk in and feel like it s theirs.

Organize the closets. Every seller should know that buyers will open your closet, and they will use it to judge how good your plumbing and electrical is. It makes no sense, but if they see a messy closet, they will assume the inside of that house is not in good working order (human psychology is an amazing thing).

Define each room. Don t force buyers to guess a room s purpose.  The purpose should be clear when a buyer walks in. If your living room doubles as an office, take out the desk. Use furniture wisely and sparingly.

Show off the laundry space. Buyers will be impressed if the laundry room is fresh, inviting and organized.

Let the light in. Remove curtains or raise blinds, curtain treatments are really heavy and they keep the light out. People love light. Give your windows a cleaning.

Pay attention to details. Patch any holes in the walls, fix leaky faucets, replace burned-out light bulbs, buy fresh towels, and put all the toilet lids down. Hide wastebaskets. Play soft music.

Camouflage with paint. It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. It makes the house look better and helps with odors.  Pick neutral colors - using warm tans, honeys, taupes and sage.

Entice Buyers to Enter. Go across the street to get a good look at your own home. Your eye should be drawn to the door, not to the grass that needs mowing, the overgrown weeds or that old rain gutter that has been sitting in your driveway since 2005. If people don t like what they see on the outside, they may not come in.
* Doors: Rich colors say welcome and come inside .  Red, black, charcoal and chocolate brown.
* Entry Way: Create an inviting entry with colorful flowers, but don't over do it.
* Wood Patio: Give it a fresh coat of paint.
* Door Bell: Make sure it works properly and easy to find.
* Address Numbers: Make sure they are visible from the street.
* Yard: Cut away overgrown shrubs.

Outside. Buyers nearly always comment if gutters are full of leaves and it makes them question other maintenance issues. Store or organize items that make the yard look messy.

Inexpensive extras! Six props every house seller should have on hand: bowl of lemons, fresh flowers, spotlights, candles, throw blankets, pillows.

And remember: once you put the For Sale sign on the lawn, you have to emotionally detach from your house. It is not about how you live or what your taste is; it's about appealing to a wide range of tastes.  

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