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Helpful Info > WI Carbon Monoxide Law    

While we have long believed in and supported the requirement for smoke detectors in all dwellings, Wisconsin is now taking that safety factor one step further. On February 1, 2011, Wisconsin's new Carbon Monoxide Detector law will go into effect, requiring all one and two family dwellings to have a carbon monoxide alarms installed as specified in the code. In short, the law requires carbon monoxide detectors in basements and on all floors of all one and two family dwellings (except for attics), so if you are living in a ranch home with a basement, you will need at least two detectors. If you are living in a 2 story home, you will need at least 3 detectors. This is one area that no one should skimp in. You can find carbon monoxide detectors at most hardware stores and building supply stores.

Information on the new state requirement is here: Please click, read and print for reference.

Also, you may remember the City of Madison recently updated their smoke detector ordinance. If you need to review that packet, you can find it here:


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WI Carbon Monoxide Law
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